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The convergence is coming

Posted: February 6, 2010 in paul_ormonde_james

Working at the World Bank is a real challenge. It gives the Intelligence specialist a great opportunity to drive change in a way that really impacts people, and potentially saves lives.

One challenge is to bring to over 182 countries infromation that is easy to use and easy to interactive with.  This is no simple challenge, but with the right mix of people and technology it can be achieved. The challange is to take the organisation to a different level, one inwhich culturally staff can come together and share key information requirements. This is a mix of technologies to enable the cross fertilisation of infromation and learning, but it must be more. Critical leadership is always needed to allow change to occur and to lead by example, this is the case and will drive the change.

So, I will be looking for people and technologies that will drive the convergence and change. It will be these aspects that will deliver the end solution and help make the lives of some a better.